The invention is within the scope of oncolytic virotherapy.

  • A genetically engineered Oncolytic virus (RVLYSIS) that selectively kills tumor cells, but not normal cells.

  • Safer to use as compared to its wild-type virus.

  • Clinical Pipeline

    Discovery IND Candidate Phase I Phase II Phase III
    LURVLYSIS (Lung)
    BRVLYSIS (Breast)
    PRORVLYSIS (Prostate)
    CORVLYSIS (Colon)
    CERVLYSIS (Cervical)
    MERVLYSIS (Melanoma)
    HERVLYSIS (Liver)
    OVARVLYSIS (Ovarian)

    Intellectual Property

  • Broad patents pending coverage in the US, Europe and China.

  • Broad spectrum of antitumor by RVLYSIS cover the top 10 cancers.

  • Targeting


    CZ BioMed products; novel oncolytic viruses, have been genetically engineered to selectively target tumor cells, but not normal cells.



    Targeted virus replication in tumor cells generates thousands of new therapeutic copies, resulting in the oncolysis of cancer cells and release of the new therapeutic copies to target the adjacent cancer cells in the tumor mass. Therapeutic copies also spread within the body to target and attack distant tumor sites.



    The primary replication of oncolytic viruses directly kill the targeted tumor cells, and the explosion cancer cell activates a cascade of anti-tumor immune response.

    Induce interferon simultaneously, these payloads act in concert with the primary oncolysis mechanism to eradicate cancer.

    Action of RVLYSIS

    An oncolytic virus

    Selectively kills cancer cells, not normal cells

    Selectively Induces apoptosis in tumor cells

    Allows interferon (IFN) to achieve high local concentration upon local administration

    Local IFN limits viral replication in normal cells around

    Induces systemic immunoresponses to indirectly antitumor